Ontology Summit

Ontology Summit 2014 session-03 – Track B: Making use of Ontologies: Tools, Services, and Techniques

*Thu 30 Jan 2014*

OntologySummit2014 session-03 – Track B: Making use of Ontologies: Tools, Services, and Techniques

I – Co-Champions: ChristophLange, AlanRector, …  – see developing details on the

session page at:


Ontology Summit 2014 – Track A: Common Reusable Semantic Content

*Thu 23 Jan 2014* – OntologySummit2014 session-02 – Track A: Common Reusable Semantic Content – I – Co-Champions: MikeBennett, AndreaWesterinen, GaryBergCross – see developing details on the session page at: