5th International Ontological Workshop on Topological Philosophy

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pozwalam sobie przesłać Państwu informację o warsztatach ontologicznych pt. topologiczna filozofia. Warsztaty odbędą się w Warszawie w dniach 8-9 lutego 2016 r. Będę wdzięczny za przekazanie informacji  o warsztatach wszystkim osobom, które mogą być nią zainteresowane.

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Bartłomiej Skowron

5th International Ontological Workshop on Topological Philosophy, Warsaw (Poland), 8-9 February, 2016

First Call for Paper

Summary and themes 

Geometry has played an important role in philosophy since the time of Plato. Concepts such as space (and its properties), shape, size, geometrical figures, continuity, proximity and transformation are an essential part of philosophical considerations, and in particular, are an important part of  ontology. Geometry at the turn of 19th  and 20th centuries led to a more general study of these concepts. Since then topology has expanded rapidly, becoming an independent branch of mathematics.  Geometrical structures have been used in philosophy since the beginning, in the twentieth century their place was partly replaced by topological structures. Topology as a branch of mathematics can serve philosophy as a method of thinking but also topological spaces may be used as material to create philosophical structures. The conference concentrates on the use of concepts and techniques of modern topology in philosophy (in particular in formal ontology and metaphysics).

The workshop is specifically focused on reflection on the following issues (but not exclusively), topological aspects of: part-whole relations (mereology, mereotopology), spatial logic, metaphysics of holes, time, events,  substance,  causality, possibility and necessity (topology in possible worlds ontology), process ontology, mind and matter, cosmology, identity, similarity and change, qualities, forms and universals, problems of determinism/indeterminism.

During the workshop we want to also explore topological topics in the history of philosophy (from Parmenides and Plato to Husserl, Cassirer, Lewin, Carnap, Whitehead and Russell), philosophy of science, epistemology and formal logic.

Confirmed Speakers:

Thomas Mormann (University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU),

Tomasz Placek (Jagiellonian University, Poland),

Ian Pratt-Hartmann (University of Manchester, UK),

Peter Simons (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland),

Achille Varzi (Columbia University, USA).


Submission Timetable:

Full & Short paper submissions deadline: 1 October 2015

Full & Short  paper notifications of acceptance: 1 December 2015

Full & Short paper notifications of acceptance:  1 December 2015

Final versions of Full papers: 15 December 2015

Registration opens:  1 December 2015

All accepted papers will be included in the proceedings (probably De Gruyter publishing house) available at the conference.


Graduate school on topological philosophy

6-7 February 2016 will be held 2-days graduate school on topological philosophy for students and doctoral students. At this school students would learn the elements of topology and topological philosophy. There will be two tutorials: Basic Topology and Topological Philosophy. Tutorial of topological philosophy will conduct Thomas Mormann (University of the Basque Country, Spain)


Scientific Committee:

Thomas Mormann (University of the Basque Country, UPV/EHU),

Tomasz Placek (Jagiellonian University, Poland),

Ian Pratt-Hartmann (University of Manchester, UK),

Peter Simons (Trinity College Dublin, Ireland),

Mirosław Szatkowski (LMU, Munich, Germany),

Achille Varzi (Columbia University, USA).


Conference website:

Organizing Committee:

Mirosław Szatkowski  (Head)

Bartłomiej Skowron


Further Inquiries:

please contact Bartłomiej Skowron (bartlomiej [dot] skowron [at] gmail [dot] com)


International Center for Formal Ontology affiliated with the Warsaw University of Technology, Faculty of Administration and Social Sciences, Poland

Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO-15)

Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO-15)
— Episode 1: The Argentine Winter —
Buenos Aires, Argentina, July 25-31, 2015
in conjunction with IJCAI 2015

— First Call for Papers —

Submission deadline: April 27, 2015

This first edition of the Joint Ontology Workshops (JOWO-15) combines
four exciting ontology-centered workshops at IJCAI-15. Together with
ontology work presented at IJCAI itself, we will transform Buenos Aires
for a week into the largest venue for ontology research of the year.

JOWO-15 is supported by the International Association for Ontology and
its Applications – IAOA. It will feature a series of (shared) invited
talks, paper presentations, and discussions spread across four
independent full-day workshops run over a period of three days:

Workshop on Formal Ontologies for Artificial Intelligence (FOfAI)
chairs: Stefano Borgo, Oliver Kutz, and Daniele Porello

FOfAI aims to establish a venue for researchers in AI with a strong
interest in applied ontology. In particular, we aim to foster an
interdisciplinary discussion and cross-fertilization among a number of
communities by proposing a venue to exchange foundational,
methodological, and applicative perspectives. The workshop thus
encourages submission of articles on both theoretical, computational,
and linguistic issues in the use of ontologies in AI as well as the
concrete use of non-trivial ontologies in AI systems and applications.
FOfAI is generously sponsored by the Association for Logic, Language and
Information – FoLLI.

9th Int. Workshop on Modular Ontologies (WoMO 2015)
chairs: Kenneth Baclawski, Torsten Hahmann, Pavel Klinov, Adila Krisnadhi

This workshop brings together researchers from all subareas of AI and
from related disciplines and application domains to discuss latest and
current work on theoretical and practical aspects of modularity in
ontologies. Topics include modularity as enabling technology for
knowledge repositories and collaborative knowledge development
environments and as a tool for reducing the complexity of designing and
understanding ontologies, and to facilitating ontology verification,
reasoning, maintenance and integration.

1st Workshop on Belief Change and Non-Monotonic Reasoning in Ontologies
and Databases
chairs: Eduardo Fermé, Thomas Meyer and Renata Wassermann

This workshop will bring together researchers working in the areas of
logic-based ontologies, belief change, and database systems, along with
researchers working in relevant areas in non-monotonic reasoning,
commonsense reasoning, and paraconsistent reasoning. Hence the workshop
will facilitate discussions on the application of existing work in
belief change, non-monotonic reasoning, commonsense reasoning, and
related areas on the one hand, to logic-based ontologies and databases
on the other.

Ontologies and logic programming for query answering
chairs: Odile Papini, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Laurent Garcia, Salem Benferhat

The aim of this workshop is to bridge knowledge representation and
reasoning in artificial intelligence and web of knowledge communities in
order to encourage the emergence of new solutions for reasoning with
lightweight ontologies. Particular topics include query answering while
taking ontologies into account and
non­monotonic reasoning for inconsistency handling and exception
handling and expressing default negations in ontologies, with a special
interest in logic programming for implementations.


Paper Submission:  April 27, 2015
Notification:  May 20, 2015
Camera ready: May 30, 2015
Workshop: July, 2015


Please refer to the individual workshops for detailed lists of topics
appropriate for each workshop.
Submissions can be long papers (up to 8 pages) or short papers (up to 4
pages), formatted using the AAAI style (available from, submitted in PDF
format no later than the submission deadline.
All submission are handled through Easychair. Use for submissions to any
of the first three workshops, and select the track that corresponds to
the workshop most appropriate for your work. For the last workshop
“Ontologies and logic programming for query answering”, submissions are
handled separately through
All submissions will be peer-reviewed by members of the program
committee of the individual workshops. Accepted papers will be made
available in the form of a joint workshop proceedings. For additional
publication plans check the individual workshops.

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